[QUIZ] Lai, Choose Your 'Chap Fan' Dishes & We Guess How Much You Spend On Food Each Month

"Aunty, one rice, less rice please!"

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Do you know how much you actually spend on food every month?

Chances are, you don't really keep track. And chances are, you probably spend more on food than you think you do! :O

The Statistics Department's Income, Expenditure, Poverty and Inequality 2022 report showed that Malaysian households spent an average of RM732 per month at restaurants and cafés, as well as RM58 at canteens and cafeterias, as reported by The Star.

In fact, the number for household spending shoots up in states like Penang (RM1,090), Selangor (RM1,313), and Kuala Lumpur (RM1,381).

But don't worry! Come tell us your chap fan order, and we'll help you agak (estimate) how much you actually spend on food every month.

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Note: This quiz is for entertainment purposes only. Dun so serious, okay? :)

So, do you feel like you're overspending on food? :O

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