11 Insanely Tough Conflicts Everyone Trying To Adult Will Know All Too Well

So no one told you life was gonna be this way...

Hey, nobody said adulting is easy! As life starts to get a lot more real than you ever imagined, making these tough decisions as an adult-in-training gets more and more inevitable:

1. When you're down to your last pair of clean-ish underwear:

2. When you wake up the next morning after recklessly catching that 3am football match:

3. When you find a forgotten RM20 note in your jeans pocket:

4. When you're on the way to work every morning:

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5. When a flat tyre actually happens to you:

6. When you think of all the good you've done in the world:

7. When you start having trouble buttoning your skinny jeans:

8. When you're lounging around at home and remember you had promised to meet a friend for dinner:

9. When you're trying to make your living space just that little bit more comfortable:

10. When 30th April rolls around every year:

11. When you think of your life goals:

We always try to make the best decisions and do the right things but it's not always easy; we're humans, after all!

We may judge every little decision we make and feel guilty over the wrong turns we've taken in life, but hey, if they bother us so much, that just means we're working towards becoming a better version of ourselves everyday!

Life is full of highs and lows, but what's important is trying to find a balance that works for you

While you may struggle to grasp the basic functions of a washing machine, you may also be off doing profound things like dedicating your Wednesday evenings to volunteer for the homeless! The goal isn't to be perfect in every way; it's to know that you're giving your 100% for things that matter to you!

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Now go forth and be awesome!

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