How To Convince A Malaysian To Attend Your Event In 13 Simple Ways

Malaysians, such a unique but predictable bunch. You just gotta know what we want.

1. Make sure it's not in an obscure venue that even Waze can't direct us to...

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2. You're winning our hearts over if there is an abundance of parking spaces

3. Even better if the parking lot is close to your venue

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The least the walking distance, the happier we are.

4. "Will there be food?" The answer better be YES.

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Trust us, you do not want 'hangry' Malaysians in your event!

5. Extra brownie points if there are hipster food trucks

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Yes, that pun was intended.

6. If the event is open air, equip canopies with fans blasting cool mist

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Protection from both the rain and sun, aww yisss!

7. But if you could make entire sections air-conditioned, we'll be grateful we didn't have to sweat

Better yet, if the event is indoors with air-cond.

8. Do I hear... "lucky draw"? Now you're speaking my language.

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The bigger, the better!

9. When there's good live music, we'll have more things to record, talk, sing about!

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10. Have some sort of special promotion we can get on that day

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11. When there's free WiFi, that's like half the battle won already

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How else are we supposed to tweet and post on Instagram?

12. Just entice us with free things. LOTS of it.

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13. Seal the deal with... free admission!

When there's free admission, there's a 50% chance we're going already.

If you're looking for something that ticks most of the boxes mentioned, check out the #LoveMyRide Festival

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Keep your calendars free for a weekend date on 13th and 14th June 2015. It's going to be a lively weekend of bazaar, 3D street art, KL's booming food trucks, live music, and more. Seems like a pretty sweet deal but it gets better. It's free admission! Click here for more information.

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