Someone Please Introduce @tyrabanks To This Boy Cause He's Absolutely Killin' It!

If you think the photos are crazy, the video is even better!

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There are fashion followers and then there are trendsetters

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But once in a while comes a fashion genius so unbelievably cutting edge you can't even begin to comprehend

From what we know, he's Madaew, a 15 year-old student, hailing from Khon Kaen, Thailand.

I mean, he's so avant-garde, he makes Anna Wintour look like a plain Jane

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Two words. ON FLEEK!

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This is why we will never be at his level

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Seriously, why are we even breathing the same air as him?

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Putting the AYYYY~ in hay

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Low budget. High fashion.

Gisele Bündchen can only DREAM of werkin' this

Toilet paper wrap dress cause he's the shiznit

He's putting ANTM models to shame

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Ain't no couture like fleur couture

Someone please give this boy a modelling contract already

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As if the photos aren't enough, you will cry watching this video:



Posted by Bassilyo on Thursday, July 30, 2015

Our personal favourite moment is when he rolled off the car and still managed to werk it!

If you ever need to accessorise and werk your style, treat yourself to some Lazada Coupons

Oh, you beautiful creature, you. Tyra Banks would be so proud! :')

P/S: Here's his Facebook page. It's all kinds of fabulous!

This is not the first time low budget creativity has blown our minds (while providing us a good laugh):

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