That Awkward Moment When UKIP And Nigel Farage Made Malaysians LOL...

Irrespective of the subject, the Internet never fails to provide comic relief.

Cover image via The Independent

If you haven't already, take a look at this photo of British politician Nigel Farage sitting underneath his party's promotional banner that reads 'I'M VOTING UKIP' — it seems harmless enough, right?

Image via theladbible

Well... not if you're a Malaysian and understand what the word UKIP, given the way its written in the banner, actually means here.

The word UKIP, due to its presentation in the banner, has some unintentional but absolutely unfortunate (for Nigel and his party) and hilarious (for those who oppose Nigel and his party) consequences in Malaysia and in the Philippines.

The UKIP banner inadvertently reads as 'PUKI', which refers to a woman's private part in an absolutely offensive term in Malay (BM)

Image via The Independent

'PUKI' means vagina and c#nt in Filipino and Malay. On the other hand, Farage (which reads as Faraj) also means vagina. The banner then inadvertently reads as "I'm voting for a c#nt."


Image via Giphy

On the other hand:

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