"I'm Craving To Ride A Perodua Ativa" – Kedah Woman's Pregnancy 'Craving' Amuses Netizens

While other pregnant women crave for 'asam boi', this woman in Kedah craves for a ride in a sport utility vehicle (SUV).

Cover image via Signature Women's & @fedtriyahya (Twitter)

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Every mother goes through nine months of hormonal changes (and personal hell) to bring us into the world, and that includes having peculiar food cravings at midnight.

Wanting bihun goreng or a can of soda at 3am is not unheard of.

Pregnancy cravings can begin in the first trimester, peak in the second trimester, and decline in the third trimester.

Most cravings are associated with sweet or sour food, although it can vary depending on cultural and psychosocial aspects.

Image via Mamamia

With that said, a local woman's pregnancy craving turned out to be neither food nor drinks.

Instead, it is to ride a white Perodua Ativa.

Yes, particularly white.

In a tweet published yesterday, 24 January, TV3 senior producer and presenter Fedtri Yahya shared that a woman from Kedah had asked for a ride in the compact sport utility vehicle (SUV).

"I am a mother who is 10-week pregnant. Can you ask your followers whether they have a white Ativa?" read the message.

"I'm craving to ride a white Ativa. (I live in) Kedah area."

Speaking to SAYS, Fedtri said he receives hundreds of requests from his followers every day because of a television programme he hosts

"I receive a lot of messages from Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. I pick the requests randomly," he said.

"I posted (this request) on an Instagram Story and many netizens made fun of the craving submitted."

"But I understand the craving because I am a father and a husband to a wife who has gone through pregnancy four times."

After he posted the pregnant woman's 'craving' on Instagram, a follower said they wanted to help.

Thus, Fedtri connected the white Ativa driver with the pregnant woman, and the two parties met.

The woman is said to live in a remote area in Kedah.

The pregnant woman was elated to have her 'craving' satisfied and thanked Fedtri for the arrangement

"Thank you for sharing my DM. Today, 22 January, Allah helped me to get a ride in a white Ativa," she said.

At the time of writing, Fedtri's tweet has garnered over 9,400 likes and 3,800 retweets.

In the replies, many netizens were bewildered by the pregnant woman's strange 'craving', while some shared even more peculiar pregnancy cravings that they have encountered

"Alhamdulillah, her 'craving' can be found and it's easy to get. I read a post on Facebook about a husband complaining about his wife because she wanted to lick his friend's bald head," wrote a Twitter user.

"I once read that a woman wanted to ride an unidentified flying object (UFO) at three in the morning. The husband went out and never came back until now," said another person, perhaps tongue-in-cheek.

"I read this once. There was a case of craving to eat tyres. She went to a shop and the Chinese boss was kind and understanding. He told all the staff to come out and let the pregnant mother bite the tyres until she was satisfied. It was weird but true," added a netizen.

Image via Twitter

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