"Is It 'Mana Guru' Or 'Nama Guru'" - Netizens In Tears Over School Exercise Book's Blunder

Students of this school started the new decade with a laugh.

Cover image via Twitter @phanterlin

A photo that shows a blunder on a school's exercise books is going viral on social media right now

On the cover of the exercise books, where 'Nama Guru' (Teacher’s name) is supposed to be, 'Mana Guru' (Where is the teacher?) was printed instead.

The photo was uploaded by Twitter user @phanterlin on 1 January, and has been retweeted over 8,500 times at the time of writing.

While it is believed to be a careless mistake by the unnamed school, netizens cannot help but find the misspelling hilarious

"What kind of typo is this?" asked a laughing netizen.

"Hmmm... I think it is best to write the answer with a pencil so that it's easier to update the teacher's location every time," a Twitter user said in jest.

Another Twitter user said, "School hasn't even begun, but (the kids) already started getting questions. Please stay strong!" 

Twitter @phanterlin wrote on the exercise book and posted it in the Twitter thread.

Image via Twitter @phanterlin

The photo is also being circulated on Facebook - with many netizens giving cheeky answers to where the teacher might be

"Di rumah tidur lagi (the teacher is still sleeping at home)," a Facebook user joked.

"Pergi makan ular (the teacher is skipping work to somewhere else)," another netizen said tongue-in-cheek.

"Tengah cari (I am in the middle of looking for her)," a netizen commented.

Image via Facebook

You can read all the netizens' responses here on Facebook and Twitter.

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