It's Totally Ironic, But Kids Have This Funny Ability Of Making You Miss Them When...

They know their ways around us. All the time.

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1. They help you 'relax' after a long, stressful day...

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A day that involved a few solid hours of chasing them all over the house but at least you spent a full day with them.

2. When they persistently ask you the same questions, even if they already know the answer

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Like "Mum, I know you said no pets, but could we take that kitten home?" It's sweet they know their limits but ask anyway out of genuine intention - yes, you taught them right!

3. When they insist that they help you out with EVERYTHING

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But you end up cleaning after them AND there's no stopping them from helping with the cleanup too. See, they didn't forget the time you said, "It's all about teamwork!"

4. When they think every single meal = world falling apart...

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...and it's a daily battle until they're old enough to know that food isn't their enemy. When that happens though, you wish they still needed a few tricks up your sleeve to help them get through a full meal.

5. When they wake you up three hours too early on a Saturday

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They know you can hear them, even if your eyes are closed and you keep still. That's when they crawl over to dad, and you get a little power nap before they gently nudge you again. Weekends are precious, they know that too.

6. When they end every sentence with "BUT WHY?"

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Sure, it gets a wee bit annoying after the 45th round of questioning, but really, you're feeding their natural curiosity and appetite for learning about this big, big world they live in.

7. When you're their designated chef/chauffeur/nurse/math, music, dance teacher/mentor/banker/entertainer/everything else

You turn into a multi-talented octopus and it's a glorious sight in their eyes. What would they do without you?

8. When they just can't function without you on their first week at school

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You spend 30 minutes every day at the school's gate, convincing them that it's fun learning with new friends. Before you know it, they've got best friends and a steady stream of birthday parties to go to.

9. When you need to bail them out from trouble in school

The school principal may be scary, but you? You're the ultimate boss.

10. When they do the exact opposite of what you tell them to

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It's almost impossible to stop them from giving in to their rebellious phase, but you still gotta keep a lookout for when they start pulling glassware off display shelves and dumping water over their younger siblings' heads for a bit of fun!

11. When they tend to forget

It could be an SOS text message to ask how a packet of noodles is cooked, or forgetting what you said about soaking their sports shoes. The many times you tell them how to, remind you that you're still their go-to person - Google doesn't even come close.

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