Japanese Mum Makes Life-Size Cardboard Cut-Out Of Herself To Stop Her Son From Crying

Mums, take note!

Cover image via Twitter @sato_nezi

If you're a mum, you probably know how difficult it is to get some uninterrupted me time

*Cues kids crying in the background*

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However, this Japanese mum may have discovered a foolproof way to disappear without triggering any cries

Twitter user @sato_nezi recently shared how his one-year-old son would cry every time his mom left his sight. 

As a result, he and his wife decided to create a life-size cardboard version of her in order to fool their kid into thinking she's around.

They created both a sitting version

And a standing one!

When the time finally came for them to test out the cardboard replica, the mum quickly hid before her son could become suspicious

Lo and behold, the little one, who was oblivious to the fact that his (real) mom was gone, just continued playing blissfully!

Sigh, if only you knew, kid... :')

The video that @sato_nezi tweeted has since gone viral, garnering over 2.1 million views at the time of writing

In his tweet, he also shared that they got their cut-outs from a Japanese website called Links, which creates cardboard displays for businesses and shops. 

So all you mums out there who need a break, y'all know what to do. ;)

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