Johorian Puts Up 'Pocongs' On His Farm To Ward Off Durian Thieves

Guess who is not hanging out in a durian farm at night now!?

Cover image via Ahmad Ismail/Harian Metro & Singapore International Film Festival/YouTube

The prevalence of durian stealing in Kampung Tengah, Segamat has left a farmer with no choice but to seek power from the underworld to protect his produce from being stolen.

His solution? Hanging two 'pocongs' on the farm.

61-year-old Rosman Budiman has tried numerous ways to keep durian thieves at bay every durian season in the past, reported New Straits Times.

Once, he spent a whopping RM350 to buy two tiger dolls to scare the thieves from coming into his farm in Johor. Sadly, durians still disappeared when Rosman went to collect them.

This year, he has had enough

Spending only RM8 this time, Rosman scraped up some cardboard boxes and white cloth to bring two pocongs to life.

Pocong is a ghostly entity shrouded inside a white cloth, with its legs and neck tied.

"The two adult size pocongs are 1.5m in height and weigh 450g. They are shaped using cardboard boxes and covered with white cloth," Rosman told Harian Metro.

"They have succeeded in reducing the disappearance of my durians from 10 trees this season."

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Prior to this "security system", Rosman would lose his durians whenever he is late to collect them once they have fallen from the trees

He placed a pocong in a bush and another one at an empty hut around the farm, and said the setup has proven to be sufficient to scare off intruders, especially at night. 

"I also burn incense to enhance the scary effect before I return home every evening," the durian farmer shared.

"Sometimes I even scare myself when I go to pick up durians alone because of the smell of the burning incense."

He said he will allow passers-by to eat the durian if they found it on his farm. But, the number of durians disappeared is so much that he said it is clear that the intruders are stealing them to sell.

On Saturday, 13 June, two men were caught red-handed while stealing durians in a farm in Taiping, Ipoh:

Here are other times "ghosts" were used for a good cause:

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