'Pocongs' Scare People To Make Them Stay Home Because Of Coronavirus

The 'ghosts' are working together with police in Indonesia.

Cover image via Reuters

A group of 'ghosts' has been patrolling a village in Indonesia to scare residents into staying home during this pandemic

Instead of implementing a lockdown, Reuters reported that Indonesia's President Joko Widodo has urged the public to practise social distancing and hygiene to stop the spread of coronavirus.

So a youth group in Kepuh village, Indonesia, decided to work together with police by dressing up as pocongs and appearing at night to spook people into staying home.

However, the plan initially backfired

According to Reuters, people became curious and began leaving their houses to catch a glimpse of the 'ghosts', who were sitting at the entrance of the village earlier this month.

Image via Reuters

So they decided to change their tactic and are now doing surprise pocong patrols instead, with village volunteers dressed up as 'ghosts'.

Image via Reuters

The new method apparently seems to be working

"Since the pocong appeared, parents and children have not left their homes," resident Karno Supadmo told Reuters.

"And people will not gather or stay on the streets after evening prayers."

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Image via Hauntupedia/INDTimes

Recently, a Terengganu man used a similar method to scare teens into staying home by dressing up as a 'ghost':

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