Malaysian Mother Goes Viral For Opening 'Mini Mart' At Home During MCO

Train up a child.

Cover image via Puan Nadzirah Razali/Facebook

A clever Malaysian mother recently shared how she's using this time at home to teach her children the importance of earning and spending money wisely

In a Facebook post on 8 April, Puan Nadzirah Razali wrote that she opened up a 'mini mart' at home for her two sons to buy snacks, using money they've earned from doing chores around the house.

Some of the tasks they can get paid for include tidying up the house (RM50), putting away their toys (RM50), studying (RM150), and even not fighting with each other (RM10 to RM15)

Since both her boys have a hard time sleeping, she also rewards them with RM50 for going to bed. 

Her children can then spend their hard-earned cash at the 'Kedai Runcit Ibu', which is open from 10am to 8pm everyday

Some of the items they can buy are cereal, chocolate milk, biscuits, and other light snacks.

Nadzirah mentioned that the money is fake cash, which she had bought online for less than RM20.

"I did not expect that this idea would get them excited to do all the things that I've listed and it has made them more disciplined now," she told Harian Metro.

"That is why I sought a way to ensure both of them are well behaved while together and at the same time I want to still be able to do housework while running my online business in an orderly manner."

Her creative method of disciplining her children has been shared over 27,000 times.

You can check out the Facebook post here:

Gotta give it up for creative parents who go the extra mile for their children:

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