This Dad Went All Out To Calm His Nervous 6-Year-Old While She Performed In School

"I knew my girl had stage nerves, so I just tried to do everything I could to make her feel better."

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This doting dad in the Philippines deserves an award for his efforts to make his daughter less nervous at a school dance competition

Rjay Tolentino comforted his daughter Lyra Jaz as she performed at Festival of Talent in Pasig City, according to NextShark.

A video of the dance has since taken the Internet by storm.

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Donning a traditional Polynesian dress, six-year-old Lyra went on stage to dance the Hula with a classmate on 9 March

The pressure of competing against other dancers under the kindergarten category may have been too much for the little lady to bear.

Or at least that's what her dad thought, because he sensed that she needed him to step in.

In an adorable show of support, Rjay decided to dance Lyra's entire routine in front of the stage

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The 35-year-old effortlessly wiggles his body and sways his arms to the beat, without a care in the world for the audience behind him. 

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Lyra can be seen looking at her dad for the entirety of the performance.

Not only did the six-year-old's stage fright disappear with a familiar face to focus on, she even managed to perform her routine with a smile

And it was all thanks to her dad's comforting presence and impeccable dance moves.

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"I knew my girl had stage nerves, so I just tried to do everything I could to make her feel better," the father of four said, according to Daily Mail.

We can't handle this cuteness! Well done to both Lyra and her dad!

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Watch the adorable video here:

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