This Dad Made A School Bag Out Of Raffia String For His Son Because He Couldn't Afford One

The real MVP. :')

Cover image via Sophous Suon/Facebook

If there is anyone who deserves a 'Best Dad of The Year' award, it's this Cambodian father who recently made a school bag for his son

On 17 June, Facebook user Sophous Suon posted photos of the bag, which have since received over 5,900 shares.

Here's how it looks:

Using a bag strap, a buckle, and some blue raffia string, he managed to creatively weave a bag for his child – and the result is impressive!

According to Mothership, the boy's dad decided to make the bag when he couldn't afford to buy his son a new one.

Based on the photos, the bag was sturdy enough to hold a couple of school books

You can see the full post below:

These dads have also earned praise for going the extra mile for their kids:

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