PDRM Shows Up At Viral MCO Ghost's House To Say That He's Doing A Good Job

The 38-year-old thought he was about to get arrested.

Cover image via Muhd Urabil Alias/Facebook

A man in Terengganu recently went viral for dressing up as a ghost to scare teens into abiding the Movement Control Order (MCO).

After that, the police showed up at his doorstep.

Muhammad Urabil Alias previously pranked his neighbours and friends on social media by posting several images of a ghostly figure all dressed in white standing on top of a van.

He then revealed to Harian Metro that it was in fact him in the photos, wearing a Gandalf costume.

On Tuesday, 31 March, he shared on Facebook that officers from the Kemaman District Police Headquarters showed up at his house.

At that moment, the 38-year-old thought he was about to get arrested

He wrote, "Before this, the ghost scared everyone. But now, the ghost is the one scared. I was ambushed by a team from the Kemaman District Police Headquarters. My stomach was pounding."

"I mean, who wouldn't be scared? The police showed up at my house with two pickup trucks and one lorry. I thought they were going to take me away just now. My wife's face dropped, it was unbelievable."

Apparently, the police dropped by to praise him for his efforts

"Thank you so much to the officers from the Kemaman District Police Headquarters for coming all the way to my house just to show their appreciation for my efforts in helping them enforce the MCO," he said.

According to Muhammad Urabil, the district police chief even jokingly dubbed him as 'Detective Ghost'.

The Kemaman District Police Headquarters also shared photos of the visit on their Facebook page along with a caption that read, "Special help from the mystery unit. Now the time has come, the police will be joining forces with mystical beings to help carry out our duties."

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