People Offer Life-Sized Tanks, Planes & Sofas Made Out Of Joss Paper During Qing Ming

Why do their ancestors need military tanks in the afterlife?

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We have seen people offering bank towers, guard dogs, sports cars, satellite TV setups, and even lingerie made out of joss paper during the Qing Ming Festival

Image via SAYS

But if you think you have seen it all, you are gravely wrong!

Because, a viral video that surfaced recently shows a field with a wide display of joss paper-made items, ranging from military tanks, Mercedes-Benz cars, airplanes, and many more.

The video was uploaded to a Penang community Facebook group, but the one-minute clip was also re-uploaded and forwarded on many social media platforms and messaging apps.

While it is not mentioned in the captions where the video was filmed, it is likely to be China as the joss paper-made military tanks feature three-dimensional red star emblems, a symbol similar to that of the People's Liberation Army.

Moreover, the licence plates on the joss paper-made vehicles start with a Chinese character followed by an alphabet, a numbering system that is unique to China.

Image via Facebook

FYI, the Qing Ming Festival, also known as Tomb Sweeping Festival in English, is when the Chinese visit the burial ground or columbaria of their late loved ones to offer their prayers and the practice is also served as a remembrance.

They often burn joss paper-made items, typically treasure boxes and gold ingots, as a form of offering to their ancestors, believing that they will receive these items in the afterworld. 

To help you identify all the joss paper-made items found in the blink-and-you-miss-it video, here are the 15 most bizarre offerings we saw:

1. Military tanks

Image via Facebook

2. Mercedes-Benz cars

Image via Facebook

3. Air conditioners

Image via Facebook

4. Speakers

Image via Facebook

5. Boats

Image via Facebook

Not forgetting several crew members who come with the boats.

6. Sofas

Image via Facebook

Must be a popular demand. 

7. Cooking stoves, microwaves, and dish washers...?

Image via Facebook

8. Safe boxes

Image via Facebook

9. Washing machines

Image via Facebook

10. Antique sewing machine tables

Image via Facebook

My grandma loved this! T_T

11. Mattresses

Image via Facebook

12. Bicycles

Image via Facebook

They are those from the olden days in Beijing, which come with a case that houses the chain.

13. Motorcycles

Image via Facebook

14. Bungalows

Image via Facebook

15. Airplanes

Image via Facebook

Check out the video here:

Here are more bizarre joss paper-made items that the Chinese offer to their ancestors during the Qing Ming Festival:

Last year's Chinese New Year, a mall in Kuala Lumpur went viral for featuring a pagoda that looked like it was made out of joss paper:

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