There's A New Board Game Inspired By The 1MDB Scandal

Who wants to buy some properties in the Cayman Islands?

Move aside, Monopoly. There's a new property board game in town and it's inspired by the biggest kleptocracy case handled by the United States Department of Justice (DOJ) - the infamous 1MDB scandal.

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Aptly named 'Kleptopoly', the board game is the brainchild of Centre to Combat Corruption and Cronyism (C4), an NGO with plans to fight corruption and promote transparency in the local and federal government.

You won't be using boring wheelbarrows in this game

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Kickstart the game by selecting one of many characters, including a puffy-haired lady with expensive handbags. 

There's also a gentleman decked out in a suit with a stack of cash in his hands. 

Players can purchase luxury properties linked to the 1MDB investigation

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Some of these properties include the Park Lane Hotel and Park Laurel condominium in New York City, Fleet Street townhouses, mansions in Beverly Hills, and even a superyacht.

These properties were named in the DOJ's civil forfeiture suit on 1MDB-linked assets.

Unlike real life, Raja Bomoh actually has the power to save or ruin your life in 'Kleptopoly'

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"One of the cards gives you profits from the box office movie Wolf of Wall Street worth 10 million (in Kleptopoly currency) while another is a 'whistleblower' card where you can whistleblow on another player who you suspect has 'corrupt' assets," Aizat Shamsuddin from C4 told Malaysiakini.

Don't doubt Raja Bomoh and his coconuts.

Fail to declare your assets and you'll get busted by an anti-corruption agency

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You know how you'll be awarded 200 bucks after travelling the board in Monopoly? Screw that, because a 20 million paycheck is definitely sweeter.

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This boss is really generous. By the way, that white stache looks kinda familiar...

To win this game, players will need to collect the most properties and also remain the most "clean"

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"Our message is that it is nothing wrong to be wealthy, even super-rich, as long as your gains from the wealth is clean and not from misappropriated funds," Aizat added.

If you're interested in getting into the mind of a bespectacled businessman with a taste for the finer things in life, you can pre-order the game on C4's Facebook page

Malaysiakini reported that two versions of the game will be sold - the limited set with hand-sculpted characters will run for RM100, limited to 100 sets. Regular sets with cardboard characters cost RM55.

What do you think of this board game? All in good fun or too sensitive? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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