[PHOTOS] Korean High School Students Go All Out With Dressing On Picture Day

Best way to end school.

Cover image via @uigocouncil_official (Instagram)

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A high school in South Korea has allowed their students to dress up in whatever they want for their graduation photo-taking day — and these kids did not hold back

Uijeongbu High School in Gyeonggi-do, South Korea, is an all-boys school that holds its graduation picture day a couple months before the actual ceremony. 

According to Vice Asia, the high school's tradition of allowing their students to dress in fun costumes has caught nationwide attention since 2009.

Instead of the typical 'neat, look-at-camera-and-smile' type of graduation photos, these students get to unleash their fun side, making it a memorable day

From Mario to Avatar characters, students this year came dressed in all kinds of costumes. 

Here are some of our favourites:

Not just one, but two boys showed up as mermaids in shell costumes, with one carrying an octopus and fish in each hand

Another type of 'sea creature' also made an appearance:

Some came as celebrities, such as UK singer Sam Smith and Charlie Chaplin, while others showed up as movie and cartoon characters

What a fun way to end school!

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A Japanese university previously went viral when they allowed students to dress in costumes to collect their certificates at the graduation ceremony itself:

Meanwhile, in the Philippines, a school came up with a fun solution to prevent kids from cheating during their exams:

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