Students Go Viral For Making Creative 'Anti-Cheating' Hats In The Philippines

What else can you expect from engineering students?

Cover image via Mandane-Ortiz R Mary Joy (Facebook)

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A group of engineering students in the Philippines have been making headlines recently for their creative method to avoid cheating during exams

Mary Joy Mandane-Ortiz, a faculty member of the Bicol University College of Engineering, asked her students to make 'anti-cheating hats' to wear during their mid-term examinations on 17 and 18 October.

To prevent them from copying each other's work, Ortiz gave her students the creative freedom to design their own 'hats'.

Much to her surprise, the kids took the challenge pretty seriously, which has garnered plenty of attention and amused the Internet

From Spartan helmets and egg cartons to hangers with printed 'underwear', the creative bunch did not hold back on this 'assignment'

According to Coconuts, Ortiz shared that this idea was inspired by a Thai university, which previously had their students wear 'anti-cheating helmets' during their exams, as proposed by a student.

"I really love and [I'm] proud of my students because their engineering mid-term exams can be pressuring and stressful, yet they managed to add some colour and fun. Thank you very much, students. You make me proud," Ortiz wrote on Facebook.

While some arrived in different masks, others wore paper bags with holes, and one business-savvy student even tried to make a quick buck


"Again, the 'anti-cheating hat' is a reminder to all not to cheat, but to study well," Ortiz wrote, according to NextShark

However, she added that she still believes that the best way is to have integrity to not cheat, with or without the hats.

You can check out her Facebook posts below:

Gotta love it when teachers get creative and look out for their students:

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