[PHOTOS] Dedicated Perak Teacher Transforms Kindergarten Into A Spaceship For Her Students

She wanted the preschool to be a place where the students can be inspired and have fun while learning.

Cover image via Cikgu Farra (Facebook) & Art Jib (Facebook)

A dedicated teacher in Perak went through great lengths to create a stellar learning environment for her students this year

Cikgu Farra of Tabika Talang Hulu recently took to Facebook to share how proud she was of her kindergarten's complete makeover.

With the help of the kindergarten's teachers and parents, she managed to turn regular, old classrooms to look like the futuristic interiors of a spaceship.

All with beautifully hand-painted murals.

The artist behind the designs, Art Jib, told SAYS that Cikgu Farra had a clear theme in mind when she called him in for help

Building around the concept of 'The World of Technology', Art Jib said the teacher wanted to inspire her students with artwork centred around space, science, robotics, and communication.

"Cikgu Farra told me to imagine places like the National Science Centre, the National Planetarium, and even theme parks like MAPS Perak and Universal Studios," he explained.

He said she wanted the kindergarten to be a place where the students can be inspired and have fun while learning.

So, he set to work drawing the murals while the parents and teachers came in to paint them all by hand

The artist said they worked day and night for three weeks to see the project through.

"I only drew whatever the amazing parents and Cikgu Farra had in mind though," he humbly said.

"They painstakingly refurbished the school's old furniture and plumbing, raised funds for tools and furnishings, and beautified the rest of the place with all the finishing touches."

From starry skies across the ceilings to the life-size astronaut on the wall, Art Jib said that he too was proud of the kindergarten's transformation

"I would daresay this is the first kindergarten in Perak to go through such a change," he boasted.

However, he said that most of the praise should go to the single teacher who envisioned it all.

"Tabika Talang Hulu is lucky to have such a creative and dedicated teacher from the same kampung. Cikgu Farra has worked so hard for the kindergarten these three years, and we are all happy to see it as it is today."

Although SAYS was not able to reach Cikgu Farra herself, her pride for the school and her hometown rings clear on her Facebook page.

"People think we are ordinary or boring village teachers but we want to change that belief," she said in one of her posts.

"We may be 'orang kampung' but our hearts and souls are this big. It may not look exactly like the real thing but at least we tried."

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