Just Give These Hot Guys A Cup Of Coffee, They'll Know What To Do

Coffee never looked so good.

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When drinking at the coffee table gets too mainstream, it's time to live on the edge

Let these hunks show you how!

1. In the morning, have a cuppa at that exact moment you're rolling out of bed

2. Have a drink in the backyard, while you're trying to find reception

3. Use coffee to learn the true meaning of multi-tasking

4. Tell your loyal furry friend all about the wonders of coffee

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5. If you're more of a cat person, try to make them care while you're talking

6. Coffee's also good when you can't remember the chords to Better Man

7. You can celebrate with coffee once you do recall them

8. Give 'to-go' coffee a whole new meaning

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9. Only try this stunt if you're comfortable with the idea of bruised knees (and ego)

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10. Share a moment with a favourite character from your childhood

11. Use hot coffee as inspiration to decide what to have for lunch

12. And then have a cuppa while you're preparing your meal

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13. Drink it under an umbrella, especially when it's not raining

14. Set yourself apart from them basic coffee drinkers with a unique coffee cup

15. On a particularly fancy day, enjoy a cuppa while looking like Psy

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16. Just because you're the outdoors kind, doesn't mean that you can't bring a delicious cup of coffee along

17. Enjoy a cuppa on your next sea-faring adventure

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18. If you're nowhere near the sea, a riverside would do just as nice

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19. For altitude aficionados, a soothing cuppa in the mountains is bound to excite

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20. And end your coffee adventures on a high note: by watching the world go by from the top of the world!

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