Look At This KL Woman's Batik Swiss Rolls She Made For Her Muslim Friends As Raya Gifts

They look so pretty!!

Cover image via Keem Ooi/Instagram

This is Keem Ooi, a self-taught baker from Kuala Lumpur

On her Instagram account, Keem describes herself as a "passionate home-baker."

Keem alongside her Pokemon soft buns.

Image via Keem Ooi/Instagram

Keem then posted photos of another Batik Roll cake over the weekend, saying "I guess I'm hooked"

"I really enjoyed the process so much, it's simply divine!" Keem wrote on the Instagram post, which quickly went viral, garnering more than 3K likes.

The self-taught baker's expertise could be seen in the intricate batik design that she applied on the Swiss Rolls

And once people caught sight of Keem's swiss rolls with a Malaysian twist, her humble Raya gift for her Muslim friends made everyone want a piece for themselves.

She also shared them on her Facebook

Which immediately made people wish it would be awesome if she took orders.

Selamat Hari Raya, everyone.

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