IGP’s Bangladeshi ‘Twin’ Has Been Identified And He Isn’t The Only One Who’s A Look-Alike

Are we seeing double?

Cover image via Intan Nur Elliana Zakaria/NST Online

Does this guy look like someone you’ve seen before in the news?

Image via The Rakyat Post

His name is Md Raton Choukidar and he’s been getting a lot of attention lately because of his uncanny resemblance to…

After Bangladeshi, Md Raton's picture in a local restaurant went viral on social media, customers have been flocking the eatery to have their photos taken with him. I mean, who wouldn’t be tickled by the IGP’s ‘twin’?

Md Raton Choukidar holding a picture of IGP Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar

Image via Intan Nur Elliana Zakaria/NST Online

This guy isn’t the first to receive overnight popularity after being dubbed the doppelgänger of a Malaysian personality. Here’s a throwback to some of THE BEST we found on the Internet...

This traveller who didn’t know why people were giggling and taking photos of him… #isthatyounajib

Image via Joel Goh/SGAG

This 19-year-old Polish girl who looks 100% like Rosmah Mansor

Image via Instagram
Image via Instagram

This lady who can pass with flying colours as the female version of Datuk Lee Chong Wei

Image via Nic Low Tumblr

This Malaysian teen, Rabi'atul Afifah, was featured in the media several times for bearing a close resemblance to Korean celebrity Im Yoona from Girls' Generation (SNSD)

SNSD's Im Yoona (left); Rabi'atul Afifah (right)

Image via Cari Forum

This DJ-cum-lawyer, Iman Ishak, who should totally consider becoming a professional Obama impersonator if he ever decides to change his day job

Iman Ishak (left) imitating the wax figure of Obama.

Image via The Star Online

Meanwhile, people are saying that this guy working at a mamak restaurant is actually Diego Costa, and he is working 2 jobs

Image via Twitter

Share with us other doppelgänger pictures you've seen in the comment section below!

Also, these footballers are rather fortunate to have other good-looking celebrities as their doppelgänger:

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