Here's The Hilarous Cooking FB Page PM Muhyiddin Yassin Was Talking About In His Speech

One of the best things to come out of this MCO.

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To really make use of free time during the Movement Control Order (MCO) period, many Malaysians have decided to try their hand at cooking

Unfortunately, not everyone has what it takes to be a good cook.

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One particular Facebook page celebrates people's failures in the kitchen

With over one million members, 'Masak Apa Tak Jadi Hari Ni' (What did you fail to cook today) is the perfect place to go to if you need a good laugh.

The group was created on 14 April and it acts as a safe space for people to share their cooking mishaps.

Here are 10 of the most hilarious food fails that will make you feel better about your own cooking skills:

1. Donald Trump bread

"I followed a Bengali bread recipe. But when it was done, it turned into Donald Trump's toupée."

2. Skin disease doughnuts

"Skin disease doughnuts. Maybe the yeast has hit menopause, it didn't want to rise. My first time making doughnuts. If my mother saw this, she would probably cry. It looks crispy on the outside because I was trying to make sure the insides were fully cooked."

3. Nightmare cheese tarts

"It's chaotic if you make pastries with children. My pastries are ruined."

4. Dark mode curry puffs

"Curry puffs cooked in soy sauce."

6. Donut devil

"The idea was to look artsy and creative. Initially the doughnuts were supposed to look like Mickey Mouse but when I fried it, it turned terrifying. Why did it transform into a devil? Where's the cute Mickey Mouse just now?"

7. Rice cake centipede

"This is what you call 'rice cakes holding hands'. I've repented from following viral recipes online. My friend even gave me a caption when I showed them this photo. You want to know what they said? 'Please don't leave me with the kids, honey!'"

8. Keropok lekor chewing gum

"I fried sea cucumber keropok lekor this morning. It tasted like fish flavoured chewing gum. Those wearing dentures are not encouraged to eat this."

9. Dad's ice cream

"We didn't have the proper plastic bags for ice cream. As long as it works."

10. Mutant rice cake

"I don't know whether to laugh or to cry."

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