Forget Photo Booths, You Can Now Make Custom Instagram Filters For Your Wedding

Make your big day even more special with a cool filter!

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From adding animal ears onto your face to snapping photos with dynamic backgrounds, and even finding out what Pokémon you are, we all love playing around with Instagram story filters

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Just like Instagram usually has themed filters for special occasions, you can now create your very own custom filters!

Kalavera is a bespoke creative agency that specialises in creating customised Instagram Face Filters. Using a combination of motion graphics and artificial reality, they'll help you bring your ideas to life in the form of your very own Instagram filter.

Just imagine how amazing it would be to have a unique Instagram story filter for your wedding

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It would make your big day that much more special for both you and your guests. Everyone will be able to have a blast snapping fun photos with the filter whenever and wherever they want, without having to spend ages lining up for a turn at the photo booth.

Check out the sample filter below:

Your guests will have a cute photo from your wedding that's automatically saved on their social media forever. Remind them to include your wedding hashtag so that you can look through all the photos too!

Besides weddings, you can create custom filters for whatever reason, such as to promote your event, brand, or product

Filters are fun, engaging, and highly sharable, which helps them get far more exposure and reach than traditional online advertising. A custom one that's specifically tailored to your product, event, or brand, is a great way to get everyone talking.

Here's an example:

Play your cards right and you could even have a viral filter on your hands! Zee Avi actually used Kalavera as part of the marketing for one of her albums. Her custom filter that promoted the launch of the album had 1,000 shares that generated over 500K impressions with absolutely no marketing efforts.

Check it out here.

The filter featured the iconic glasses from this image as well as the words 'Who Are U'.

Image via 1001 Magazine

Kalavera offers different types of Corporate and Wedding Packages, with prices depending on what you want and how customised your filter is

Prices for the Corporate Packages range from RM20,000 to RM35,000, while prices for the Wedding Packages range from RM2,000 to RM4,000.

Interested in getting your own customised Instagram Face Filter? Check out Kalavera's website, Facebook, or Instagram for more information.

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