20 Malaysian Brands That Couldn't Resist The Pokémon GO Craze

See, brands play Pokémon GO too!

Cover image via Taylor's University Facebook

1. Grab, in collaboration with Hotlink, readied a fleet of Pokémobiles for gung-ho Pokémon trainers on the first day Pokémon GO was launched!

Image via Grab Facebook

2. In the hallways of KDU University College, Pokémon hunting is in full swing

3. Meanwhile, a terrifying (but powerful) Gyrados makes a home in Taylor's University's infamous lake

4. Vivo already caught a Squirtle at the beach!

Image via Vivo Malaysia

5. Don't know which team to choose? Let your favourite Baba's serbuk kari help you decide.

6. To no one's surprise, Pokémon GO can drain your battery pretty fast. Unless you have a Huawei P9 Plus...

7. Even the hardiest Pokémon trainers need sustenance. Domino's Pizza is on standby to provide you with quick to-go, piping hot pizza!

8. Pop by myBurgerLab for RM1 soda to stay hydrated, especially if you've been walking under the hot sun!

Check in at any myBurgerLab (full list of locations), show the cashier your Pokémon GO app, and you get a soda for only RM1. The promo is only available until Sunday, 14 August.

9. Somersby's fresh apples don't wanna be ciders anymore, they'd rather be PokéApples!

10. An uber excited Softsrve created some Pokémon-inspired ice cream to celebrate the app's arrival in Malaysia

11. Don't worry if you run out of data while Pokéhunting,Maybank's little tiger mascot will get you right back on track

12. Asus caught a previously unknown "Pokémon"... a Zenny!

Image via ASUS Facebook

13. What's better than hanging out with a Pikachu? According to Digi, it's hanging out with a fluffy cat in a Pikachu onesie!

Image via Digi Facebook

14. U Mobile would like to remind everyone to avoid falling into potholes when you're out Pokéhunting

It’s finally here! You can now join the hype and Poké sampai lebam. Just be careful of ‘em potholes though. #PokèOnz #PokèmonGo #UMobile

15. Meanwhile, Chevrolet Malaysia has another PSA for you guys - don't Pokémon GO and drive!

16. Seriously, it's dangerous. Even Toyota Malaysia says so.

Image via Toyota Malaysia

17. Make Caltex your pitstop to refuel and go further on your quest. Just don't play with your phone in the petrol station...

Stay safe on the road and don't play with your Pokemon Go while driving or when making a pitstop at Caltex station. Fuel up your vehicle with Caltex with Techron® to help you go further on your quest.

18. In fact, PETRONAS has decided to keep all the Pokémons in their stations to themselves. For your safety!

19. Follow the Pokémon trail in Pavilion KL and you might win yourself some dining vouchers!

You can redeem a RM30 Dining Loft voucher when you go along Pavilion KL's lure-enhanced Pokémon GO lures (so generous!). There are only 50 vouchers up for grabs daily from 9.00am onwards, with the redemption ending on 14 August. More info here.

20. Spot some Bokémons at any Ben's outlets and you could win up to RM1,000 worth of dining vouchers!

Image via Ben's by BIG

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Have you gotten the hang of Pokémon GO?

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