Remember How We Used To Collect These Things As Malaysian Kids?

So tempted to go out and buy a box of flag erasers right now.

Cover image via SAYS/Save Money

1. Saga seeds because they were bright red and shiny and had a nice shape...

Image via Ann Maliki

Yeah, why did we collect these again?

2. Sandy shells from your family beach holiday

3. Letters from your pen pals overseas, even if you don't read them anymore

Image via Lisha Writes

4. Remember these fruit fridge magnets?

Image via DH Gate

5. Who could forget your awesome stash of erasers (this was how you learned geography)

Image via Coffee Ticks

6. Marbles, so you can fight your friends in the arena!

Image via Save Money

7. You had your most prized bottle caps that never failed you

8. Training and feeding your beloved Digimon for battle

Image via Save Money

9. These playing cards you'd buy from your school kedai buku

Image via Kutub Khanahku

10. Pokemon cards were the best

Image via Nintendo Wire

11. These teeny origami stars that you stored in a jar

Image via Origami Palace

12. Tamiya is still the coolest thing ever, okay?

Image via Tamiya

13. All the pretty stickers, still untouched and never used

Image via Pinterest

And you'd get super angry when one of your siblings peeled one off!

14. Remember these custom name cards?

Image via Ukashah Charlie

15. It felt like such a shame to use these milky pens so you saved them for really special occassions

Image via Pinterest

16. Steaming the stamps off envelopes then leaving them out to dry

Image via Pic UK

The rambutan and mangosteen ones are really giving me the feels...

17. Your bookshelf at home was filled with Doraemon or Dragon Ball Z comics in Bahasa Malaysia

Image via Funny Malaysia

18. The souvenirs from Langkawi that you thought were amazing when you bought them, but that you never actually used

Image via One Piece Of Me

19. Homemade friendship bracelets that you gave and received :)

Image via Craft Hubs

20. There was a box of 1 sen coins somewhere

Image via MyBabyBay

RIP 1 sen