Poh Kong Is Selling A Gold Durian Charm That Costs Around RM1,000

The charm can also be opened to reveal the durian "flesh".

Cover image via @pohkongmy (TikTok)

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As Malaysia's largest jewellery chain, Poh Kong is no stranger to creating unique and innovative designs for new products.

However, one of these creations may have taken the cake for its distinctiveness.

In a TikTok which was posted to their official page last week, Poh Kong shared a feature of one of their unique releases, a gold durian charm.

The charm, which can be opened and closed, also has "fruit" inside of it. Resembling something similar to a locket, the entire item is extremely tiny, weighing a mere 2.41g according to the jeweller in the video.

Screen grabs from the TikTok.

Image via @pohkongmy (TikTok)

After doing some sleuthing of our own, this SAYS writer discovered that the full durian gold charm is priced at RM1,190

According to the official Poh Kong eShop website, the charm is made of 916/22K yellow gold, and is part of the Anggun collection, which also happens to be Poh Kong's in-house gold jewellery brand.

All customers who purchase the item will also receive a warranty certificate and receipt, which proves its authenticity of purchase.

The jewellery franchise is also selling another version of the charm; a halved durian with the internal fruit exposed, and a green outer layer which matches the external shell of an authentic durian. This item retails for RM999.

The half durian charm.

Image via Poh Kong eShop

Receiving polarising responses under the clip, many people didn't hold back some of their jokes about the charm

"Does it smell like durian? If it does, then I'll get one!" joked a commenter.

One user even suggested this charm to those who don't enjoy eating durian, as they'd surely enjoy this "fruit", to which another user agreed.

Image via TikTok
Image via TikTok
Image via TikTok

Here's where you can find the charm:

You can get one for yourself on the official Poh Kong eShop or at the official Poh Kong Shopee website.

Image via Shopee

If you're thinking of getting this charm, why not get this durian bag to match the gold, too:

Speaking of durians, this buff dad was getting tonnes of attention after going viral for selling the fruit shirtless:

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