This Durian Bag Looks So Real, Minus The Smell

I want.

Cover image via Kia! 一起吃喝玩乐吧!/Facebook

Do you love durians so much, you wish you can add it to your wardrobe? Now you can!

A shop in Thailand, Farmrak, is selling lifelike durian purses that have been making their rounds on social media lately.

The purses look so real that if you put them next to actual durians, it's difficult to tell the difference

Durian bag (left) and real durian (right).

Image via Kia! 一起吃喝玩乐吧!/Jonny Clow (Unsplash)

They come in three sizes and yes, they do ship to Malaysia!

The first and second bag costs THB390 (RM54), while the third one costs THB990 (RM137).

Delivery fees start from THB354 (RM49) onwards depending on the postage weight.

Apparently you can find similar versions at Chatuchak market. Something to take note of on your next trip to Thailand (once this pandemic is over, of course).

Hot men and durians seem to be a thing these days:

This pandemic has also brought out quirky face mask bags:

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