You Can Get A Face Mask Tote Bag To Match... Your Face Mask

Matchy matchy.

Cover image via Instagram @percetakankain

I know, I know - wearing a face mask doesn't exactly scream "FASHION". But I hear "responsible" is an attractive look to many, no? :p

Since this pandemic is taking awhile to go away, you might as well make the most of it...

By completing your look with a cute surgical mask tote bag!

An Indonesian fabric printing company, Arlie Percetakan Kain, featured this bag on their Instagram and it has already gone viral.

A post on the account mentioned that they're taking orders until 18 May before going on a break. And yes, they do ship to Malaysia.

According to Mothership, the face mask bag is an example of how you can customise their fabric into different shapes and designs.

And the prices of each item depends on the printing cost and fabric type.

Check out the Instagram post here:

A Malaysian online store is also selling face shields to elevate this year's outfits:

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