Guy Offers Hilarious Commentary On Architecture Fails Of Mansion In Miri

Brutal but so good.

Cover image via Adam Yahiya/Facebook

Ever walked into a house and thought, "Wait what. Why. What's happening here? Who did this??"

If you have, then you've got something in common with this guy.

Adam Yahiya recently shared photos of a bungalow in Miri, Sarawak along with its questionable choices in design.

His Facebook post has already garnered over 7,700 shares since it was uploaded on 11 May.

"McMansion Hell Malaysia: Episode 1."

Yahiya shares his own version inspired by McMansion Hell, a blog by Kate Wagner, which roasts the world's ugliest houses while teaching about architecture and design.

He starts off by observing the exterior of the house while adding hilarious, unfiltered comments about its pillars, wall details, and balcony

Moving on to the back of the house, Yahiya continues to point out eyesores like a "hidden" drain pipe sticking out of a pillar and random patches of manholes on the lawn

Yep. You read that right. Manholes... on the lawn.

Wall nipples and manholes become the least of your problems once you enter the house.

Trust me, it gets better.

"Random semi wall partition nobody wants because why the f*ck not?"

"Air conditioning not included have this ugly eyesore wall power socket instead."

Yahiya, who is a project manager/consultant with a small local construction company, shared that his job is basically to prevent people from building "ugly mansions like this".

"Construction is a very weird thing, sometimes the architect would say 'Build ABCD' but the contractor builds 'BACD' instead, so my job is to make sure 'ABCD' is built exactly to plan as 'ABCD' as intended," he explained to SAYS.

Although not an architect by name, the 24-year-old revealed that he spent most of his uni days hanging out with architecture students.

"Their passion kinda rubbed off on me. I would sometimes spend my free time looking at an architect's catalogue studying their design choices and reasoning behind it, helps me do my job better."

A window for a short guy and a window for a tall guy because we're all about being inclusive.

It's hard to choose which one's the best, but this guy's toilet commentary deserves an award

"No legroom so that you feel like you're travelling on AirAsia every time you take a sh*t."

A nearly impossible to reach toilet paper holder placed almost behind your head while you take a dump? Sure why not.

Gotta love the anger, bro. Looking forward to more episodes.

Check out his full post below:

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