[PHOTOS] One Of The Most Expensive Homes In Malaysia Looks Like A Massive Spaceship


Cover image via Roland Albe/Jouin Manku & The Cool Hunter

Located in a housing area in Bukit Damansara, KL stands one of Malaysia's most luxurious homes

Although it was built back in 2008, photos of the building recently resurfaced showing its lavish architectural design by the Agence Jouin Manku team.

The home's high walls are surrounded by trees and plants almost making it easy to overlook, if not for its mysterious entrance.

Image via Google Maps

From a bird's eye view, however, it's a whole other experience.

Spanning 3,000sqm, the home, which took five years to design and construct, belongs to one of Malaysia's most prominent families behind the multinational YTL Corporation

The structure of the YTL Residence has a modern, industrial feel, yet the lush greenery around it makes it look like a luxurious resort.

Image via The Cool Hunter

Seeing as it was built higher and with multiple levels, you can overlook KL's stunning skyline from the main living level, which has an impressive 16-foot-high ceiling and a glazed wall.

It features nine bedrooms, 21 bathrooms, a swimming pool, a library, a game room, two guest suites, a ballroom, a public reception space, and a chapel

The residence, which also has multiple dining areas, a wine cellar, and a family kitchen, was built to accommodate three generations of the family.

Elements like its high ceilings and large glass windows, with an abundance of light streaming in, almost bears resemblance to the Parks' family home from Oscar-winning film, Parasite.

Image via SP Faust
Image via SP Faust

As you enter the magnificent living space, you will see a couple of elegant curvilinear staircases, which separate the layers of the house

Image via The Cool Hunter

According to The Cool Hunter, the building's space is also used to hold both private and public functions. And it has an indoor private and guest parking area.

Image via The Cool Hunter
Image via The Cool Hunter

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