Face Shield Hats Are A New Fashion Statement. Welcome To 2020

Protect yourself but make it fashion.

Cover image via Mano Plus

Dear hypebeasts, I know times have been hard right now

No chance to café-hop while looking snatched in that outfit. Those new pair of Nike's? Can't even flaunt them.

Me wondering if I'll ever be able to wear nice things outside of my home again:

Image via Tenor

But boy do I have good news for you.

A Malaysian company just released face shield bucket hats and caps that will instantly elevate your quarantine outfit.

Image via Coronasupplies
Image via Mano Plus

Mano Plus is an online lifestyle store with outlets in KL and Penang, and it's now selling hats to take this year's OOTDs up a notch.

"Anti-virus", protects from splash, and reusable. RM22 well spent.

If bucket hats aren't your thing, they also have caps that come with detachable face shields

Image via Mano Plus

The 2-in-1 design lets you snap it off and still look great wearing it! So it won't go to waste once this pandemic is over.

Plus it's foldable too, which means you can just whip it out of your bag when heading out to do groceries.

Image via Mano Plus

They come in both black and khaki colours and are being sold for RM20 each.

A small price to pay to slay in today's current state.

Image via Mano Plus
Image via Mano Plus

Asian aunty visors? That's so 2019.

This golf cap with a face shield is the new fashion statement for 2020.

Image via Mano Plus

The online store is selling this for just RM14 each.

If you're sick of your kids accidentally coughing or sneezing on you, the bucket hats also come in mini versions for little ones!

Image via Mano Plus
Image via Mano Plus

You can get them here.

Maybe can even look cute like these newborn babies:

I gotta say, 2020 definitely has us feeling like these adorable plushies:

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