Thai Newborn Babies Melt Hearts With Their Adorable Mini Face Shields

Like little raisins.

Cover image via Paolo Hospital Samutprakarn/Facebook

A hospital in Thailand is taking extra precautionary measures to protect newborn babies from coronavirus by giving them adorable mini face shields

Just take a look at this lil' squishy face!

On 3 April, Paolo Hospital in Samut Prakarn province in Thailand shared photos, which went viral, of newborn babies all bundled up in their delivery ward

"We have extra protection measures for little ones and friends with face shields for newborns. So cute. Congratulations to all mothers and dads!" the Facebook post read.

Are the babies bothered by the face shields? Not in the least bit. Look at them snoozing away peacefully.

In an effort to stop the spread of COVID-19, Thailand recently implemented a curfew and semi-travel ban in the country until 15 April

As of yesterday, 6 April, according to The Edge, the nation has seen 2,200 cases and 26 deaths.

Of that number, 793 patients have recovered and 1,401 are recovering in hospitals. 

Coronavirus or not, this adorable dog looked overjoyed to get to spend time with its human:

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