Malaysian Lawyer Reveals That You Can Sue Your Partner If They Call Off Your Wedding

The compensation you can potentially claim is the amount spent on both the engagement ceremony and preparation for the wedding.

Cover image via @lawyergandhi (TikTok) & Emma Bauso/Pexels

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Weddings are a time for love and celebration!

But have you ever wondered what happens in the case of a wedding suddenly getting called off?

Malaysian proprietor and lawyer Gandhi Palanisamy has made quite a notable name for himself online through his brief yet insightful TikToks discussing and providing general takes on legal issues in Malaysia.

A recent clip by the lawyer has been making waves online after he discussed how people can potentially sue their partners who cancel their wedding.

In the 45-second feature, an undisclosed individual can be seen asking Gandhi if it is possible to sue their fiancé or fiancée if they called off their wedding.

Reaffirming the question, Gandhi revealed that people can indeed bring a suit on the matter.

Screen grabs from the TikTok.

Image via @lawyergandhi (TikTok)

However, Gandhi also revealed that there are criteria that must be fulfilled in order for such a case to be brought to the Malaysian courts

"Firstly, you have to ensure there was a clear agreement to get married. For example, if both parties have sent wedding invitation cards to respective guests," he said in the TikTok.

Gandhi also stated that individuals can seek out compensation, which include expenditure tied to the engagement and preparation for the wedding.

"This includes returning the dowry and any other deliverables made for the purpose of the wedding," he added.

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Image via Emma Bauso/Pexels

In his closing thoughts, Gandhi stated that such a case may be brought to the Syariah court for Muslims and the civil court for non-Muslims

"Remember, don't make promises if you're not able to fulfil it," said Gandhi at the end of the TikTok.

SAYS has spoken to other Malaysian lawyers who confirmed that while this matter is possible, it is always best to consult a lawyer on this specific issue.

Watch the full TikTok below:

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