Malaysian Man Surprised His OKU Brother By Hiring A Cosplayer To Dress Up As Ultraman

"... to see him having his version of 'fun' for about an hour and a half of his life, that's just, priceless."

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A couple of weeks ago, a Malaysian man decided to surprise his 32-year-old mentally-disabled brother by bringing him a live version of his favourite TV series character – Ultraman

In a heartwarming Facebook post, Arthur Techeir shared the story that has since gone viral with over 4,000 shares.

Image via Facebook
Image via Facebook

Knowing how much his brother enjoys watching the show, Arthur told SAYS that he hired a cosplayer to dress up as Ultraman and pay his brother a visit

"It might not mean anything to normal people like us. But to see him having his version of 'fun' for about an hour and a half of his life, that's just, priceless," he wrote.

Here are photos Arthur took of them meeting each other:

Image via Facebook
Image via Facebook
Image via Facebook

In the Facebook post, Arthur explained that his brother suffers from a mental disability due to a car accident when he was a baby

As a result, his adult brother's mental capacity is that of a three or four-year-old's.

The accident left him struggling to walk and talk. He also suffers from several seizures nearly every month.

Despite not understanding the story, Arthur shared that his brother enjoys watching Ultraman and Power Rangers everyday

"All his life, since he was still a child, the only activity he does every single day, is [watch] Ultraman and the original Power Rangers DVD in Malay, on repeat... He [doesn't] even understand the story, but that's the only thing he knows how to enjoy," wrote Arthur.

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For more than 20 years, Arthur's father would buy his brother original DVDs of the show

"He will eventually scratch and damage all the DVDs (because he don't really know how to handle them) and my dad will keep on buying a new one almost every month for him," he continued.

Unfortunately, DVD shops are becoming less common to find leaving them with few options: either ripping the DVDs to an external hard drive or downloading off the Internet – which Arthur immediately admitted is wrong.

Finding Malay dubbed versions of the show is also an issue.

"So if you have any leads to cheap DVDs (yes they are actually expensive) or if you have soft copies, let me know," he asked.

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Arthur ended his post by giving us a sneak preview of his future surprise.

"Power Rangers, next."

Too sweet. :')

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