Malaysian Mum Makes 4-Figure Income By Selling Super Ring To Americans For RM50 A Bag

She has also made a sizeable fortune from selling mosquito repellants to Finnish buyers in the past.

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We know that cheese is loved by many people from all over the world

But who would have known Super Ring has a similar global appeal too?

K-pop idols from BLACKPINK, Jisoo and Jennie, getting excited over Super Ring.

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Lately, a mother who works from home has gotten Malaysians' attention after she revealed that she makes a four-figure income by selling Super Ring to Americans

In an interview with mStar, Adilah Ibrahim, who works as an e-commerce trader, said she has seen a surge in demand for Super Ring since late February.

"I have been doing business on eBay almost a year now and I get requests from foreigners, especially those in the United States, to buy things that don't even make sense," Rabiatul related.

"For example, recently, I received a high demand for Super Ring. That's strange, too."

Image via eBay

Adilah said she can make about RM50 in profit for every bag of Super Ring she sells to Americans

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Image via eBay

"The demand came from the United States because I list the snacks on eBay," said the mother of three.

Imagine, one bag of the snack cost RM1.60 here, but it can be sold for up to USD12 (RM51) there.

She continued that she had in the past received a large order of mosquito repellants.

"Once, I received an order for 24 boxes of mosquito repellants in two to three days. And the request came from Finland," Adilah related.

"In my head, I was thinking there must be a lot of mosquitoes there. These are some of the unique items I have sold."

On her website, Adilah said she also sells toothpaste, bitter beans, and pandan leaves to shoppers from all around the world

Image via Adilah Ibrahim

"The parcels awaiting to be shipped oversea have also begun to fill my workspace," Adilah quipped.

According to her, she purchases the goods from Shopee, Mydin, and 99 Speedmart, which she then lists on eBay.

She also shared screenshots of her earnings and claimed that she can easily make RM4,800 in a month.

Image via Adilah Ibrahim

If you wish to understand how Adilah runs her business, you can find out more here.

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