KL Housewife Who Made RM18K Playing PUBG Gets Frequently Told To "Go Back To The Kitchen"

To her credit, she doesn't let the hate affect her.

Cover image via Instagram @lyndaembran

This is Roslinda Embran

A housewife from Kuala Lumpur, she is more famously known as Lynda Embran according to her social media presence where she also manages a popular Facebook page called MissRose Gaming.

Lynda is a PUBG Mobile streamer on Facebook, where she livestreams her matches and earns enough to contribute towards her household


In fact, she is so good at it that she has been recognised as an official Facebook Gaming Creator and reportedly made RM18,000 since making her debut playing the PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG).

However, Roslinda's journey from amateur to pro-gamer has been a long one that also saw her battle the conservative commentators.

She frequently gets told to "go back to the kitchen and cook".

Lynda was recently interviewed by Zayan My, a radio channel on YouTube, where she shared how when starting out there were so few viewers she could count on the fingers of one hand.

But things aren't the same anymore.

Her Facebook page, MissRose Gaming, now has over 100,000 followers, where her livestreaming videos that are over three to five hours long get viewed anywhere between 25,000 to 150,000 times.

With success, though, has also come scrutiny from conservative commentators, who frequently judge her lifestyle choices and accuse Lynda of not fulfilling her duties as a wife.

According to her, they say things like, "Why are you playing video games? It's better for you to just cook in the kitchen. Women aren't supposed to play games. Don't you have work to do?"

To her credit, Lynda says that she doesn't let the hate affect her.

Additionally, playing PUBG Mobile has provided her with the freedom to be financially stable enough where she no longer needs to wait for her husband's income.

"At first, I could only hope for money from my husband. But now, as a video game streamer, our contracts depend on the following of our viewers," Lynda told Zayan My in the interview.

"If we stream every day, Facebook will contact you to make you a partner. Now, this is my job. I play video games and earn my own living while supporting my family," she added.

Despite the sexism she gets online, Lynda says her family - which is still her top priority - has been supportive of her gaming endeavour

She has come to find a balance between her role as a wife and mother and her gaming career.

In the interview with Zayan My, she described what her typical day looks like.

In between preparing food for her family, sending her children to school, doing some housework, spending time with her family in the evening, she finds enough time to livestream to maintain her viewership.

"To succeed, don't give up even for a second," she said in her advice to others.

"Keep trying even if you may fail many times. The first thing you must do is set your dream."

Watch her interview here:

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