Malaysian Para-Athlete Shares Heartfelt Video That Has Netizens Believing In Love Again

His wife is truly his ride or die.

Cover image via Twitter @zafidos

Last weekend, Malaysian para-athlete Muhammad Firdaus Ibrahim shared a few heartwarming moments of him and his wife on Twitter

The accomplished tennis player took to Twitter to express how much he admired his wife Siti Fatimah for willingly accompanying him from Kuala Lumpur (KL) to Ipoh on her motorcycle. 

Initially, the pair had planned to relocate from KL to Ipoh in April, after Firdaus accepted a job as a civil servant. But their move was put on hold as interstate travel was prohibited under the Movement Control Order (MCO). 

He wrote, "Salute to my wife, brought the motor[cycle] from KL to Ipoh. She has such a big heart. What [did I do to] deserve to have her in my life?"

In the tweet, he shared a video of his wife leading the way with her motorcycle, which had not been used in over three months due to the lockdown

Firdaus added, "Her sacrifices are as much as her love. If I could I would surely be the one riding the motorcycle."

A separate video showed how packed their car was, explaining why Siti had to ride the motorcycle. 

He captured a final selfie of the both of them before reaching their home in Ipoh. Firdaus captioned the tweet with, "Small, strong, cute," referring to Siti.

The video was overwhelmingly well received by netizens, as it was retweeted over 23,000 times and liked by 36,000 people

Several users wished the couple well and commented that the way Firdaus and Siti faced hardships together was the reason why they believed in love. 

Others responded to the video saying they were touched, and added that Firdaus was so lucky to have someone like Siti in his life. 

One person wrote that Siti had given them the courage to take their motorcycle licence. 

"Can I cry? May God protect you both," one Twitter user said.

The verdict: Firdaus and Siti are just too cute. 

Firdaus and Siti's love story first went viral last September when the para-athlete revealed how their relationship blossomed over an Instagram conversation

In the December 2017 chat, Siti asks if Firdaus would give her a chance to get to know him, to which he casually responds, "Um yes, can lah."

The pair then got married a few months later, in August 2019, after overcoming numerous personal obstacles.

These power couples had to overcome a few obstacles of their own:

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