[VIDEO] Deaf Couple Doing Their Wedding Vows In Sign Language Has Netizens' Hearts Melting

The bride and groom are both deaf and have been sweethearts since high school.

Cover image via Twitter @eriinkahar

A Malaysian couple recently went viral on Twitter for their akad nikah, which many described as unique and touching

According to Malay Mail, one of the groom's cousins, Erin Kahar, took to Twitter to post a short video of her cousin Muhammad Faiz performing his marriage vows in sign language, during the wedding to his wife Nur Farahin.

In the short 40-second video uploaded last Saturday, 25 January, Faiz, who is deaf, is seen reciting his marital vows to the imam with the help of an interpreter

In the video, the imam first read out the vows for Faiz.

Faiz then paid close attention to the interpreter as she translated the vows into sign language for him.

In a matter of seconds, he solemnly and swiftly completed his vows as his family watched on and celebrated the joyous moment.

If that was not heartwarming enough, Erin said that Faiz and Fara are high school sweethearts

They are both deaf, she revealed, and got along very well in high school and have been a couple ever since.

She added that the interpreter at the ceremony was also none other than a high school teacher of theirs.

Netizens were absolutely moved by the wedding

In a matter of days, the post has garnered over 30,000 retweets and replies.

Many thanked Erin for sharing the video, saying that this was their first time watching the akad nikah done in sign language.

Mostly though, everyone was touched by how lovely the ceremony was.

"Is it me crying? This is so pure," said a Twitter user.

"I'm bawling watching this video. Send my wishes to the bride," said another.

While this user said, "I have always wondered how these special people do the akad nikah. Thanks for the video."

Watch Faiz complete his wedding vows here:

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Editor's Note: This story has been updated to correct inaccurate use of terminology.

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