[PHOTOS] Malaysian Bride's Brothers Show Up To Her Wedding Dressed As Superheroes

"I'm sure (the bride's) man won't be brave enough to cause problems after this."

Cover image via Fadhil Aman Ahyat II/Facebook

Superheroes took a break from saving the world when they recently showed up to a Malaysian couple's wedding

Izzul and Syahiera were escorted by the bride's four brothers - dressed as Deadpool, Spider-Men, and Kamen Rider - while they made their way to the pelamin during their wedding in Kelantan

Photographer Fadhil Aman Ahyat captured the cute moment, which has been shared over 7,600 times on Facebook since Monday, 16 December.

The brothers were seen walking along the street with their youngest sister in tow - before 'giving her away' to her husband-to-be.

Marrying their sister was definitely a brave move, but this is one group Izzul should never mess with in future

"I'm sure (the bride's) man won't be brave enough to cause problems after this," one person wrote.

Image via Facebook

"It’s like a warning for the groom. If anything happens to their sister, he's gonna get Rider Kick and Spider-Man's Swing Kick,” another commented. 

Image via Facebook

You can check out the full post below:

In other wedding shenanigans, this couple went viral when netizens spotted something odd:

This year, Spidey has made appearances all over Klang Valley:

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