This Wedding Video Seemed Normal Until Netizens Pointed Out The "Bridesmaid"

A friend in need is a friend indeed.

Cover image via The AIO Entertainment/YouTube

A video of a wedding in Chengde, China seemed normal at first glance...

Image via K Sina

... until netizens spotted an unusual sight.

While the groom and bride were having a moment hugging each other on stage, netizens were immediately distracted by a particular "bridesmaid" standing in the background.

Image via K Sina

Standing among a row of bridesmaids behind the newlyweds, a man was spotted dressed in a bridesmaid gown and wig, while holding a bouquet.

After the video went viral, the groom explained that the "bridesmaid" was actually his best friend, reported, as translated by NextShark.

The groom, who identified as Bai, said that he and his wife decided to entertain their guests by getting his best friend from school to cross-dress

Image via K Sina

Like any good friend, the man not only agreed to dress as a bridesmaid, but was seen smiling cheerfully for the married couple.

Although the ceremony reportedly took place in February, the video has received plenty of attention from netizens lately.

NextShark reported Weibo users praising the sporting best friend for being a good friend and a "brave guest".

You can watch a video of the moment below:

Would your best friend cross-dress at your wedding? Share and tag them in the comments section below! :p

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