This Guy Pretended To Be Spider-Man In Sunway Pyramid And Made Everyone's Day

He even stopped for bubble tea.

Cover image via Twitter @LofstedtDude

A hilarious video recently went viral showing a young man dressed as Spider-Man dancing around Sunway Pyramid

On 1 July, Eric Lau posted a two-minute video on Twitter of him in a Spider-Man outfit frolicking around the mall.

It has since received over 17,200 retweets and 16,000 likes.

In the video, "Spoderman" was seen dancing and doing back flips while strangers walked past him

While flouncing about, he stopped to make several children happy by high-fiving and playfully fighting with them

"I made the video because I knew Spider-Man (Spider-Man: Far From Home) was coming up and I wanted to make something fun to do with him," the 20-year-old content creator told SAYS.

Meanwhile, the older ones enjoyed snapping photos with their superhero

You can enjoy the full video below:

Just a couple of months ago, another Spidey rode around KL delivering mail:

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