Japanese Zoo Staff Pretended To Be A Lion And The Real Ones Were Not Impressed

A video of the incident has since garnered over 35,600 retweets.

Cover image via Mainichi News Group

A zoo in Japan recently went viral after a video of a "lion" conducting an escape drill surfaced on the Internet

Footage recorded in Japan's Tobe Zoo captured a man dressed in a furry lion costume representing the animal trying to escape the zoo during an "earthquake" or any "emergency".

According to The Guardian, Japan performs these drills because of the frequency of earthquakes in the country. It is conducted to prepare the staff so they know what to do in such cases.

The man in costume was seen running around trying to get out of the zoo, while staff attempted to "capture" him with nets and air guns

In the case of a natural disaster, the lion would be transquilised with transquiliser guns instead of air guns if its enclosure is destroyed.

This is to prevent an actual lion on the loose.

Meanwhile, the real lions seemed more concerned for the human in the costume

The video went quickly viral, as netizens found the whole spectacle hilarious

Image via Twitter
Image via Twitter
Image via Twitter

And others just added to the amusement

A video of the incident on Twitter has since received over 35,600 retweets.

You can watch it below:

Japan seems to have an unconventional way of protecting its cats:

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