Man's Bald Head Was Too Shiny For A Passport Photo So Immigration Officers Improvised

Nothing a little creativity can't fix!

Cover image via Facebook

There are a few requirements to keep in mind when taking a passport photo.

However, not having a shiny, bald head may just be the least glaringly obvious.

A video of a man taking a passport photo at the Malaysia Immigration Department was uploaded on Facebook on 15 June.

It has garnered over 3,100 shares at the time of writing. 

As the bald man attempted to take a passport photo, the immigration officers realised his shiny head produced too much glare

In an effort to reduce the light hitting the camera lens, officers decided to lend a helping hand.

They improvised by holding two panels above his head.

Image via Facebook

The man can be seen holding back laughter while another officer took his passport photo

While he was successful, the netizen who took the video and others waiting for their turn at the Immigration Department were not.

Laughter can be heard in the background of the 14-second video.

Image via Facebook

Watch the video here:

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