This Human Flesh-Like Coin Purse Looks Insanely Real And It's Creeping People Out

Deeply uncomfortable.

Cover image via @44doooo/Twitter

Talk about putting your money where your mouth is.

A Japanese DJ is creeping people out with his latest creation – a human flesh-like coin purse that resembles a man's bearded mouth.

The music producer who goes by 'Doooo' posted a video on Twitter on Saturday, 1 June, which has since received over 99,700 retweets.

In the video, Doooo reveals that you can store coins by opening up the mouth and popping them in

The artiste even included a set of realistic teeth inside the man's mouth. :O

Doooo revealed to SAYS that the purse took him two months to make

When asked what material he used, the artiste said it's a "secret". Not real flesh, we hope. :p

At the moment, there is only one of its kind in the world and it's not up for sale, he added.

This isn't the artiste's first human flesh-like creation

Here's a realistic flesh-covered MPC2000XL, a popular music production tool, which he used for his first album's artwork - titled 'Panic'.

Image via Doooo

He also made an extremely realistic-looking finger that acts as a stamp.

Watch the video of his impressive mouth coin purse here:

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