This Adorable 6-Year-Old Boy Is Impressing People With His Badass Hair Cutting Skills

What were we doing at six? :p

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Jiang Hongqi is a six-year-old boy who is putting us all to shame with his next level hairstyling skills

Videos that have been circulating the Internet all week showed Jiang swiftly cutting, blowdrying, and trimming his clients' hair in Sichuan, China.

Since he was four, the young boy has been helping out at his parents' salon after having been taught the basics and techniques from fellow adult colleagues

From there, Jiang quickly 'mastered' his skills and began to impress thousands of clients, according to NextShark.

His parents, who have been running the salon for six years, uploaded the short video clips of their son on Kuaisho, which have amassed him more than 1.5 million followers.

The videos captured him handling scissors, razors, combs, and hairdryers with unbelievable finesse.

In one video, Jiang was even seen being able to cut his own hair!

Image via NextShark

The young boy has gained attention from netizens, who have been praising him and wanting to book his services

Image via Facebook
Image via Facebook
Image via NextShark

You can watch a video of him flexing his skills:

If only we had someone like Jiang when we were growing up:

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