Watch This Malaysian Tutor Draw A Perfect Circle With Just A Flick Of His Wrist

We found ourselves a human compass.

Cover image via Uzairi Taib/Instagram

22-year-old Uzairi Mohd Taib, affectionately known as Sir Uzairi to his students, is an Instagram-famous tutor at Maths Clinic Tuition Centre

The tutor has over 321,000 followers on Instagram.

Recently, Uzairi attempted the #CircleChallenge, a local challenge where people try to draw a perfect circle free-handed

Uzairi demonstrated the perfect circle in front of his students during one of his tuition classes.

The video has close to a million views on Instagram within three days!

The perfectly drawn circle sent Uzairi's students howling and cheering for their teacher

After Uzairi's video, netizens also tried out the #CircleChallenge

BRB, trying the #CircleChallenge ourselves.

Image via GIPHY

Watch the full video here:

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