This New Meme Is Putting A Cheeky Twist To Celebrities' Stage Names

Get ready for a laugh.

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It's been a while since a new meme graced our newsfeed but the time has come

Called the 'celebrity full name', the meme started with someone taking Cardi B's stage name literally, and autocompleted it into a "full name".

1. Cardi B, the one that started it all

Image via Twitter

2. Who can forget Cardi B's man, Offset?

3. I bet RM10 that you laughed at this

Image via Twitter/0milll

4. It took a while to get this one

Image via Twitter/gkhnvch

5. Pretty sure most students can relate to this one

6. 'You wanna count my money, go to college, need a math course,' he rapped in Hell of a Night

7. 'I'ma buy you a drank'

Image via Twitter/0milll

8. A meme within a meme

Image via Esmemes

9. Because who doesn't love a huge easy-bake oven

10. Gotta round up that 0.1

Image via

11. He's probably related to Kelly Clarkson

12. 'Oh the way you shine, Miss Independent'

13. Yerr a wizard, Wiz

14. It doesn't even sound out of place

Image via Twitter/rowrtay

15. spits tea

16. People sure are creative

17. Poor Dwayne...

18. It's not far from his actual name, Quavious

19. Forget 20th Century Fox

20. It's not wrong, you know?

21. "Oh, that's the guy that invented Ramlee burgers!"

22. Aman RA can write a bad romance

23. Budak Subang Jaya and their unique names

24. This isn't wrong, either

25. Shabushabu is love

Image via Twitter

26. Last but not least, a favourite:

Which one made you laugh the most? Let us know in the comments below!

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