Watch How A 'Roti Canai Terbang' Dough Flew Out And Landed On A Woman's Head

The 'incident' occurred at a mamak stall in Kedah.

Cover image via John Purba/Facebook

In a video that's about a minute-long, a mound of dough is seen "flying out" of a worker's hand and landing on the head of a lady waiting for her order at a 'roti canai terbang' mamak stall in Kedah

While the said mamak stall is popular for their "flying" roti canai, this is probably the first time that their roti canai literally flew out

The 'incident' posted by John Purba on Monday has left millions getting a laugh out of it and sharing it across Facebook

At the time of writing this story, the video had been viewed for over 2.1 million times. It had amassed 10k comments and was shared 53k times.

In other news, the woman, seen in a Facebook video, blocking a parking spot in Mid Valley by standing over it has now apologised

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